It's almost Christmas and everyone feels it. We've made Christmas decorations and trees, cards and nativity templates, even gift wrappers, all green and eco-friendly. These crafting ideas and nifty projects are themed with season, and since we still have more days to go before Christmas eve, here's another fun recycling and upcycling craft that we can make so we'll all be ready for the Christmas Eve.

Kids and young at heart, either believing or not in Santa Claus, they still hang stockings and bags on different parts of their house to make sure not a single corner will be missed when the big guy comes and fills it with a lot of toys and goodies. Whether they truly believe on the idea or not, still after the night of Christmas, the next morning all their stockings and bags are full of treats. We'll never know if Santa does really exist and I don't even want to wake you up on your dream of believing in him, what matters is that at the end of the day we have lots of goodies and gifts.

Without further ado, here's what we will do, create a Christmas stockings made out of upcycled old clothing and bags. Think outside the box? It's more appropriate to say think outside the socks, cause we'll be making a bit of a twist on making your own handmade Christmas stockings. I'm pretty sure you have a lot of old sweaters and hoodies there from last year, kids do love to get new clothes and stuffs every year that's why I know you do have some worn out sweaters for sure. Go get them and your eco-friendly crafting tool to get started.

First, choose which from your old sweater should you use for this project. Then cut the sleeves of the sweater and cut the stitched part. Place the first one on top of the other and align them to make sure both edges are equal, if not, try cutting the excess part. Next, get a yarn and a needle cause we'll be doing a fun stitching. Stitch the side of your stocking starting from the top edge, around the side until you reach the the other edge. Flip the top of your stockings outward, then stitch it, this is where we'll place a ribbon that we can pull to seal the bag, just like the red bag Santa always brings with him.

Once done with all the cutting and stitching, you can decorate it by gluing cut outs of felt paper to add more Christmas spirit on your upcycled handmade stockings. Or if you're used to stitch decorating like creating symbols and letters through stitch you can also do it to decorate your stockings. You can make a lot of it to give to your friends and playmates, remember that Christmas is also about giving and sharing. Fill it with toys you're not using or items that you want to share like candies and other treats. For your dad and mom whose always working day and night, fill it with cards and sweet nothings or office supplies like pen, sticky notes and other stuffs. Remind everyone to be jolly this Christmas and always be conscious about the environment, use recycled materials like eco-friendly toner cartridges and other consumables that promotes green living.



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