More than 30 years ago, personal computers are too expensive, exorbitantly priced that not every house can afford to purchase one for their own. But look at it right now, cheap, very much affordable and we even have a thousand of options and models to choose from. Computers before were just sitting on houses of wealthy families, businesses and companies. Now, personal or desktop computers are considered an essential equipment that every house or every individual can afford to have.

Much like the 3D technology, the emergence of 3D printers became a hit in several manufacturing industries. It was intended mainly for production, what to produce depends on your own ideas or decisions. Actually 3D printing technology already existed a few years ago, it was used by large manufacturing companies in the production of several materials. But technology evolves and people get curious, which results to the invention of less expensive yet still costly but considerably smaller versions of 3D printers.

In the business industry, 3D printers are indeed a very useful machine in terms of several factors, it is worthy for a business or manufacturing company to invest on having such equipment. Now, many are trying to show its worth and value for the masses, just like what they have done with desktop computers. Revolution wise, computers before were really huge, maybe about the size of a room, but now we can have a personal or desktop computer that can share a space on our desk. If you try to think about it, maybe those bulky and large 3D printer equipments can also be innovated and re-invented into something smaller and cheaper but still capable of functioning as a full 3D printer.

A Kickstarter member, Mr. Brook Drumm, started a campaign to raise some capital for his project on building a 3D printer that could possibly fit on a kitchen counter. Imagine the way we adapt on the computer revolution, what if just like it, three-dimensional printing can be close at hand for any individual or every house. Just think about it, if you have one of this technology you can print anything you would need, as long as the printer is capable of producing, you know there's always a limitation to everything, just be realistic.

This technology, although sometimes misunderstood, will not replace conventional printing, it is indeed falls into the same category where it prints to create an output, but these two technologies are distinctly different, and applies in different ways. All 3D printers use filaments or plastic materials to produce anything in three dimensions, while a typical printer uses eco-friendly toner cartridges or ink cartridges to create two-dimensional printouts. Thus, it makes sense why these two technologies can never be compared.

I myself would love to have my own 3D printer, and you have read my previous post about the 3Doodler 3D printer, you'll surely be enticed as well to have one.



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