Eco Friendly School Supplies
Well i guest summer is completely over, it may not be over for everyone of us but there some buddies out there who definitely enjoy the long summer vacation and are so excited to head back to school. Of course you can't sail the boat without completing the supplies needed for the voyage. So here's a great list of cool and eco friendly stuffs that you'll be needing before you head back to school, remember that a good boy scout is always prepared and ready.

Recycled school supplies may not seem to be a familiar term, well apparently it's not actually common but they're really durable. First on the list are the recycled pencils, for kids and grade schools you'll surely need a bunch of pencils to keep up with all the writings and math problems to solve that your teacher will throw at you. These pencils are made from 100% recycled wood and brilliantly come with a smudge resistant eraser, is there any eraser cooler than this. If you opt to use mechanical pencils, then there are biodegradable pencil that's right for you.

Now you're thinking of where should you keep all the pencils in one, so you won't get a problem on digging inside your bag. Instead of using metal pencil case, or plastic case and pouch, how about an eco friendly tube case or zipper pouch. All those writing tools you be more greener when kept inside this recycled pouches and tube case. What's cool with these two aside from being eco friendly is that they're stylish, durable, and water resistant.

You now have the right pencil kept in a perfect tube case, now all you need is something to where you can use those writing tools. Of course you need notebooks and journals to jot down all your assignments and lecture notes. There are recycled notebooks and journals for every purpose and type of students, for architects there's the grid line type, for art enthusiast there's a non-lined type, and lastly for aspiring authors there's the lined type of journals and notebooks. All made from recycled materials from the US.

If you can't get enough, then there's a lot of back to school supplies out in the market that are made from recycled materials like printer cartridges. There are eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges suitable for your environment friendly printing needs. PrintGreen will keep you posted for more eco friendly school supplies to get you ready to head back to school.


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