_Helpful Eco Friendly Tips from PrintGreen
  • Avoid buying in plastic sachets and “tipid-packs,” buy in bulk as much as possible and choose items in reusable or recyclable containers.
  • Be a smart consumer, small is beautiful and less is more. Say no to plastic bags, make eco-bags your lifetime companion and always keep reusable/foldable bags in your purse or pocket for your needs.
  • Bring empty ice cream or biscuit containers or small buckets when going to the market. You can use them for wet goods such as fish, poultry or meat before putting them into the basket or reusable bag.
  • Carry a personal litter bag or hold on to your rubbish such as bus tickets, food wrappers and cigarette butts until you have found a bin.
  • Discourage others from dropping or dumping trash; courteously explain how litter ruins the environment and damages public health and welfare.
  • Don’t dispose hazardous waste such as mercury-containing lamps, batteries and thermometers in regular trash.
  • Don’t toss cigarette filters on the ground; work hard to quit smoking.
  • Make it a habit to bring your own drinking water in a refillable water tumbler or jug. For coffee drinkers, always bring your refillable coffee mug/tumbler.
  • Make it a practice to carry reusable food containers with you. This would come handy for take outs as well as leftovers from restaurants.
  • Never throw litter out of cars; keep a litter bag in your vehicle to collect your trash until a bin is available.
  • Refrain from consuming single-use, throw-away stuff and opt for reusable ones such as cloth table napkin and cover instead of disposable ones, handkerchief in place of tissues, native fans in lieu of plastic fans.
  • Reduce, reuse, repair, repurpose, segregate at source, recycle, compost and never litter your discards. Commit to diverting useful discards away from dumpsites, landfills, incinerators and cement kilns.
  • Use recycled materials, like remanufactured laser toner cartridges and ink cartridges. These eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges creates a big impact for the environment by diminishing the need for natural resources required to produce new materials and printer cartridges.


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