Being a geek doesn't mean you can't do more things to save the environment aside from loving the fruits of technology. Actually you are more responsible of doing such task to protect the environment where you live. How can we say so? Since you're patronizing IT industry products like gadgets, equipments, machines, and devices, those high-tech materials can potentially harm our planet. Hence, you should be mindful of its possible effects and how can you be of help on reducing such negative impacts of using and disposing tech materials.

Handheld devices like smartphones and tablets are undeniably irresistible, I confess that I do have each of those but certainly I know how to properly handle and make use of them without harming the environment. Do you know that Apple also has their own Recycling Program? For iOS gadget lovers, which includes me although I'm not a fan, you can send in or drop off those unused or damage devices for recycling purposes. If I may recall, I've read a post about Apple making a cheaper version of the iPhone5 using recycled components from returned handsets. Sounds too good to be true, but believe my it'll soon happen.

Don't be addicted to gaming consoles, just enjoy it but make sure of setting limits and barriers to yourself. Too much is not always good. Self-control is the key to avoid addiction to such products. Indeed it is nice to spend some time just playing without worrying about the real world. But once in a while it wouldn't be that much if you consider turning it off and be one with the nature. Plus, reducing your time from gaming products and similar devices will lead to much lower electricity bills right.

If you're a camera and photo enthusiast, or say you're in to photography, aside from having digital cameras like DSLR and the likes, you might also have a photo printer to get those captured images printed. Cameras don't produce that much harmful effects to the environment, ironically they capture heart pounding scenery of beautiful places that who knows when will it fade its beauty. While the printer you use may lead to negative ecological effects, especially if its consumables are not disposed of properly. Drafts and initial printouts more likely generate tons of wasted paper materials and inks, not to mention the money you spent to purchase those supplies. One of my recommended solution is to use recycled toner cartridges and ink cartridges for your printer. They're made from refurbished components of original cartridges, thus conserving resources, also these alternatives are half way cheaper compared to branded supplies.

Try to monitor yourself, are you one of those who are doing those things above, or are you one of those who are just reading it and later on will forget about it? It always depends on your decision, should you go for a greener life style or stick from where you've been used to doing, that's your choice.


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