Printing Technology affects the environment in several ways and reasons. Just by printing a single page, you consumed energy and paper material, hence releasing carbon footprint as well. According to US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), an estimated count of 10,00 pages were being printed by office workers alone, per year. Imagine that figure, what more if we also add the approximate annual printouts from all home offices and professional individuals, that can be totally massive.

Everybody makes print, I mean everyone requires printing anything from school works, office materials, personal documents, files and so on. Thus, since it has became a typical thing to do everyday, maybe we should think of more ways to make an efficient and eco-friendly printing solution. Reduce paper, ink and energy usage when printing, that will help you, your business or office to cut the cost of printing in half, while reducing carbon footprint as well.

Do you know that manufacturing paper materials also require water resources? Instead of saying you can save water and trees by conserving paper products, let's put it his way, you are wasting natural resources from land and water with every sheet of paper you worthlessly used. Let me remind you that duplexing or double-sided printing is already developed in most printers nowadays, so might as well use it as often as you could. Also, there's the N-in-1 feature that allows printing several pages of document in a single sheet. These features and more of it are just being neglected by most businesses when they should be applying it instead.

Just like turning the lights off whenever not in use, it also applies to all equipments. Always imply to turn the printer OFF after printing or when it is not needed. Sleep mode which are commonly supported by high-end printers is actually not ideal, because it still consume energy compared to a totally shut down printer.

Reduce your annual printing cost through using recycled toner cartridges and ink cartridges, ask your retailer or manufacturer if they're providing such products. Major printer manufacturers in the Print Industry are also recycling empty and used cartridges, so why would you worry about using it. Hewlett Packard as one of the tech giants are proud to promote their company's recycling programs, as well as Lexmark International which globally accepts returned Lexmark toner cartridges for recycling purposes.

Be wise and don't let the technology get between you and saving the environment. Get to manage your printing habits with more efficient and effective ways to cut down annual printing cost, reduce energy and paper consumption, conserve natural resources and of course reduce your carbon footprint.



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