How can your printing practices be environmentally beneficial? Do you at least consider green printing? If so, how efficient are your practices in terms of being responsible for the environment? These are just some of the questions that you can ask to yourself whenever your print, whether it is in the office, at your house, or any other place where you can actually print. Aside from the fact that you can save much money in the process, there are tips and guides that you can utilize to create a positive impact for the environment through green printing practices.

Does you printer supports Duplex (double-sided) printing? If yes, you probably noticed a decrease with your printer's paper usage. It can nearly reduce the figures by half, hence you cut down the expense of purchasing packs of paper materials while eliminating much paper waste as well.

Most printer nowadays were built with an eco-friendly mode or setting wherein you can set the printer to its lowest ink consumption. Of course there's always an exception to these settings, such as files and business documents that require the highest possible print resolution a printer can provide. But for not so important files, you can switch your printer to Eco mode to save the remaining inks or toners.

Are you familiar with the blue Energy Star label that can be found in most equipments and electronic products? If yes, then you might as well know what it serves for, it indicates effective usage of energy. If you want to go shopping for a new printer, consider checking the blue label or at least ask how efficient the printer can be in terms of power consumption.

Now this suggestion can be a bit costly but considering the savings you can accumulate in the long run, you'll probably think over of it, this is applicable for offices and businesses. Do you print in black most of the time like about 80% of your prints can be done with a monochrome printer. Then it would be better to have a monochrome printer and a color type printer as well, so instead of making black prints with a color printer, you can send all those files to the mono type. Why do you need to have both printer? Monochrome printers only used a single toner cartridge, whereas a color printer has more than four cartridges. In addition, you can equipped a mono printer with high-yield cartridges or recycled toner cartridges to save more on your printing expense.



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