For those who have read my previous post about Lexmark's Cartridge Collection Program for recycling, here's the collection service procedure on how you can send those cartridges back to Lexmark. Each recycling centers has their own cartridge returning process and also an individual postal collection service, that guarantees the efficient return of used cartridges to their recycling centers. First thing to remember is that whenever you purchase a replacement cartridge for your printer, always save the packaging's box and wrapper that came in, as you will use it to return your used lexmark toner cartridges.

Now place the used / emptied printer cartridges on the wrapper that came in with your replacement cartridges and seal it, then put it inside the box, the one that also came from the packaging of your replacement cartridge. Next, put a label on the box, that indicates the postal code from where your package will be sent. Address the package to the postal service of their recycling centers provided by Lexmark on their website.

Through this process, and with their several recycling program, Lexmark has recovered and recycled millions of used printer supplies, resulting in the reduction of solid waste that comes from these materials. Recycling programs are definitely a great choice for our environment, and to promote it is what PrintGreen is all about. Always remember to participate on recycling programs or collection programs that are available in your area, there are incentives that you'll receive from doing this things, in may not be in a form that you can spend, but sometimes they do pay for those who participate in their program.

Aside from Lexmark, a few of the leading printer manufacturing companies around the world also have their own recycling collection program. Whatever your manufacturer or brand may be, you can always find your own recycling program that will suit your requirement and needs. Always think of the better ways on which you can help conserve and improve the environment, not only by using eco friendly toner cartridges, cause there's definitely a lot more ways for you to think of.


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