Printing, especially in any office or working environment, is a daily task that not only create printouts but it also generate waste and mounting expenses. But do you know what are the things or possible ways that you can apply whenever printing, in order to reduce or probably get rid of such problems with your printer? Also, are you aware of your machines extra economical features that might help you cut down the expenses and negative environmental impacts that come along with using electronic devices?

Limiting the number of times you print per day is possible, however it's not always applicable in a daily basis, considering that there are unexpected reports and paper works you might encounter at any time. Though this might not be a good suggestion for photography enthusiast since it's actually a different issue.

Being green is one of the best things you can do for free with all the decision depending on your own will. Hence adapting these helpful ideas and techniques can help you save time and money particularly in printing.

As a standard font-size, 12 is obviously the one we often use, provided that texts are more easy to read at this size. But a file with lengthy of text will tend to consume more inks and paper materials, thus scaling down the font-size to 11 or at least to 10 is almost considerable. Such fonts are still readable, plus you not only consumed less inks/toners but paper sheets as well.

From font-size we go to font-style. Are you aware of those fonts that eat up unnecessary amount of inks? It's not that you shouldn't use them at all, but as much as you can avoid those, then it would be better. Unless you really want some curls and tails in each letters of your document, but don't complain if you frequently replenish your machine's consumables. Suggested font-styles to use are : Arial, Courier, Times New Roman and Garamond, these are just some of the considered economical fonts that help save inks.

Econo-mode or grayscale printing is a feature that not all printers support.If you use it by default with your printer, the useful life of the cartridges installed in it might be stretched. If your printer has this feature you can enable it through this steps:
  • On the File menu in the software program, click Print .
  • Select the appropriate product, and then click Properties or Preferences .
  • On the Paper/Quality tab, select FastRes1200 or 600dpi .
  • Select the EconoMode check box.
  • Click OK .
Additionally, you can opt for remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges to significantly reduce the overall operating cost of your printer. Plus, the environment will definitely give a thumbs up for switching to eco-friendly supplies.



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