Another inclusion to my Eco-Friendly archive is the Hewlett-Packard's cartridge packaging called NatraLock, a packaging that is redesign, renovated and transformed for a much better cause. I was outdated about the news circling around the web that i just recently checked it from the web and i was astound of its innovation.

It was as awesome as I expected, totally eco-friendly and not only that, compared to their old style packing, it helps to conserve amountful of space occupied. But their main cause of improving their cartridge packaging is to help reduce the great amount of emitted greenhouse gas released to our environment.

According to MNN (Mother Nature Network) "Human-produced greenhouse gas emissions have steadily raised the average ocean temperature by 0.045 degrees per decade for the past half-century."

The designed of their new packaging uses recycled materials such as paperboard which makes it more recyclable and decreases the plastic usage of about 50% compare to the material composition of their previous packaging that uses polyvinyl chloride plastic. With the packaging's 20% less weight, each cartridges reduces carbon footprint and brings ease to the transportation and shipping of the product. The interior packaging was also removed to reduce the use of paperboard as it's the packaging's main material.

HP always deliver customer satisfaction with products of exquisite design, precise manufacturing and by recycling their own products with environmental conduct such as their eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges which are which are also consider as remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges. This has been a meaningful attempt of helping the environment by conserving resources and reduces the annually increasing amount of waste.

Product improvement and advancement is a sign that the manufacturer is paying attention to their customer concerns and request. This product modification was made possible with the environment in mind and to lessen its negative impact on our natural resources.. Imagine the ease and convenience it gives to business owners and retailers who are dealing on huge piles of packaging, thinking of more useful ways to get rid of the unneeded packages and how to manage them after use.



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