The video above explains the process on how HP recycles all returned and used printer cartridges. Everything was explained by none other than Mr. Dean Miller, Hewlett-Packard's programme lead for printer cartridges recycling.

HP made it successful to developed a close loop recycling program which gives second life to all plastic materials by turning them into printer cartridges. Before, it used to be more of like shredding each pieces of used toner and ink cartridges into tiny little pieces. Such process can shred thousands of plastic wastes in just an hour, however it creates a contaminated mixture of several materials which come from the cartridges. Upon discovering it, HP developed a better way of recycling printer consumables, and that is by dismantling those materials instead of crushing them.

Result-wise HP achieved what they want, and that is to have a contaminant-free and much cleaner recycling process. Basically the process includes : scrapping off the label, cutting the lid, removing electronic components as well as the pads, then lastly a robot arm tosses the ink/toner tank into a receptacle. Chemical additives are also involve in the recycling process to make each recycled cartridges as sturdy and good as new.

So to those who are still doubtful whether to use or not to use recycled toner cartridges and ink cartridges, there we have the video, and there you have a very well known company stating facts about recycling. If there's such company that promotes and acknowledges cartridge recycling as a better option to improve ecological impacts, what hinders you from not participating on such great act?

Recycle your printer cartridges, used, empty, or worn-out, whatever it is, send them out to your respective manufacturer, they should know what to do with those. There are several options and ways that you can choose from on how to return cartridges back to them, instead of letting those printer waste end up in the landfill. Let those plastic wastes have their new life as a useful printer cartridge.



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