Is it still ideal to own a printer right now? Basically and essentially, yes it is, as there are so many printable works that we encounter in our everyday lives. If your prefer relying on online print services, then you must be wealthy enough to support such luxury. Especially to those who are printing photos and documents of more than 10 copies daily, otherwise if your the type of guy who prints one copy a day or a week, that's more considerable.

Printer cartridges are typically expensive, but if you will try to compare their market prices before from their price range today the difference is really enormous. Additionally, decades ago some manufacturers were producing cartridges with decent amounts of inks and toners worthy enough for the price, but now cartridges in the market are yet much expensive as before with less amounts of inks. It's kind of ironic to pay more with less to take, and I thought spending more would give you valuable goods. In the case of the print industry, manufacturers are selling equipments at a lower cost, while harvesting money from cartridges sales.

Another thing with most brand new printers nowadays, they come with an initial set of cartridges filled with almost 1/3 of inks/toners. Hence, after the free cartridge set runs out of consumables which would probably won't take long, customers will have to buy a replacement to keep the machine running. Here's more surprising, you get too excited to make your first purchase of replacements for your printer, and once the cashier is done scanning your items you'll be surprise to see how much would it cost to buy the whole set of inks. More likely you would have thought of buying a new printer instead of taking some bucks out of your wallet just for about 2-3 pieces of cartridges.

No wonder why most printer users are opting for alternative consumables like remanufactured and compatible cartridges. Mainly to cut down their printing expenses and operating cost, as well as aiding on the conservation of natural resources through using recycled products. I mean it's given that OEMs can provide us the superior quality of printouts, but people are considering where can they save without compromising the quality of their purchased. It's not a requirement to switch to low-cost printer consumables, but once you tried using remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges, you can even say "it's not bad", and probably you'll end up using it over OEMs.



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