Time's running out, Halloween is almost here and still you haven't put any decors on your house to spook all those trick or treat hungry kids down town. I know you've been so busy at work that you can't make even one of my crafting activities for the Halloween including;

It saddens me to know that some of you haven't tried making at least one from my recycling Halloween craft. But since I can't let you down for this holiday, all you busy folks can still make it up for me and for the hallows eve, with this easy last minute Do It Yourself Halloween Decorations. You have no chance of shopping, nor you don't have enough time to make spooky manikins to hang on your backyards, then i suggest you grab your printer and let's get started.

Let's start decorating the path way from your backyard, now what do we need to do? First, get a skull template and a bat template over the net and print them as many as you want. Well it's up to you if you want to print bats of different colors, or blood stained skulls but remember your green printing practices, and as much as possible do not waste inks and toners, unless you're using eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges, besides it's a holiday that you get to celebrate once a year. After you've printed enough, cut them all and be careful, then paste each cut outs to a barbeque stick and pin it on the ground of your backyard.

Next, let's go inside the house, check how many lamps and yellow lights you have, then get a template of an owl shadow template and a floating ghost template enough for all the lamps and lights that you want to decorate. After printing all the templates, cut them out but instead of pasting it on a stick, well be putting it inside each every lamp starting from the front door of your house, down to the porch and all light bulbs at the hallway. If you can't picture it out, then try lighting up one of the lamp where you have pasted an own shadow inside, and you'll cast a shadow of an owl that can really be freaky. For light bulbs that has no lamp shade, you can print a hanging bat template then glue it on the pipe or the neck of the bulb.

Third, you can make a tombstone cupcake toppers for the treats that you'll be giving for the kids. Of course you'll be needing a lot of cupcakes for this one, but I'm sure you won't get a problem finding a store where you can a buy a pack of 3 or more. Again get a tombstone cupcake topper template and print it out as many as you need, this can eat a lot of black inks or toners, but if you're using remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges then you don't have to fret.

Last, finally for the candies you'll be giving away, print a lot of spooky candy wrappers, that you can wrap to all those treats and goodies for kids and young at heart who will be knocking on your door asking for trick or treats.

I hope you guys can still make it before the hallows eve covers the night and bring thrills and spooks to everyone of us. You guys enjoy the Halloween cause it'll be a year long before it happen again. I do hope you have fun with all the Halloween crafting, recycling and upcycling activities PrintGreen have posted for you. Happy Halloween!

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