LEGO PancakeBot by: Miguel Valenzuela
On PrintGreen's previous post, we had a toaster printer that serves a hot and fresh breakfast bread with a twist, a bread toaster that mimics an inkjet printer that creates a perfectly toasted meal for everyone. Also, it was featured on the said post the Zuse Toaster printer that lets you print small images on the bread before it rolls out of the toaster.

Now, we will be featuring another amazing way of serving your daily breakfast meal through 3D printing technology. Serving toasted breads everyday can make your morning a bit boring, so why not prepare a different meal for once. Pancakes are tasty meals that you can serve not just for breakfast, even for lunch, dinner and serve as a good stomach filler. Preparing it can be time consuming, but a good and appetizing meal can't be serve in just a snap.

Have you tried making pancakes that are so tasty yet their not too appetizing to eat cause of the shape? Well here's the solution to your pancake shaping problem, the LEGO PancakeBot printer.

With its perfect mechanism, and through the PancakeBot's X and Y axis, rows of perfectly round shape pancakes are serve nice and easy. Design by Miguel Valenzuela, his creation intends to serve tasty and round silver dollar shape pancakes for everyone.
The system is controlled by three axis. The X and Y axis control the location of the pancakes, while the C axis controls the amount of batter dispensed from a ketchup bottle controlled by a dual pneumatic system. The LEGO arms hold up the motor and batter dispenser unit, which straddles a heated pan. As the LEGO arms move along the heated tray, two rows of bite-sized pancakes are squeezed out and begin to cook.
That's a very interesting and amazing way of making our daily pancakes. It seems that printing technology has becoming more convenient not just for the print industry but also for our daily meal preparation needs. The 3D printing technology can produce several kinds of fully functional materials, and it wouldn't be surprising to see kitchen utensils on the market that were made through 3D printing technology. This technology uses metals, woods and plastic components to produce certain materials, unlike conventional printers that uses eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges in order to create printouts.

The LEGO PancakeBot is certainly a delicious and amazingly yummy innovation. Though it still needs some human intervention to flip the pancakes and cook both sides. The invention was planned to be a part of the 2013 Maker Faire in the Bay Area this May.


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