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Lexmark truly is a green industry, from remanufactured or rather recycled toner cartridges and ink cartridges production down to environment friendly product packaging. Even used paper materials found their second life in the manufacturing process of Lexmark cartridges packaging.

An idea that results to a positive difference wherein both the company as well as the environment are benefiting. On the company's side, transporting and delivery process became more safe and less fragile. You see there's always a possible way to reuse and recycle our own accumulated waste.

Since Lexmark is a printer manufacturing company, it is given that to check their products quality, such tests are implemented. In these several quality test include print testing, which then results to accumulating paper waste materials. To guarantee the performance and detect any problems, the company must imply these evaluation to make sure that every piece of equipment and printer consumable are working properly before it gets in the market.

But instead of burning or throwing away their paper waste, Lexmark came up with a noble idea to recycle their own waste and reuse it for packaging purposes. All the used test pages are transported to the company's package manufacturing facility, from there it undergo recycling process.

Tom Gilinski, Lexmark's Manager of Packaging Engineering stated :
        “Manufacturing is required to run test pages. We are required to develop packaging for these cartridges. The result – a         new process using our own waste paper converted to new molded packaging cushions.”

This project which was developed by a team from Lexmark, results to an outstanding ecological benefits. Through using recycled materials, it became a win-win situation for the company and also for the environment. And if you also want to have a better and greener printing practices and solution, then opt for only what's good for the environment. These include recycled toner cartridges and ink cartridges, just like how lexmark toner cartridges are manufactured and delivered in a green way.



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