Still got some empty toner cartridges in your stock rooms? Particularly Lexmark printer cartridges, they got you covered when it comes to accepting returns of used or worn out ink and toner cartridges. If by any chance you have thought of sending out those boxes of empty cartridges that you can't get rid of, simply because you just don't want to throw it away. Then maybe now's the time you do something beneficial for the environment, and that is by participating on recycling programs and organizations.

Lexmark as one the excellent providers of product and equipments mainly for the print industry, can help you save your precious time and money with just a click. How can this be easy? Simply check out all the available recycling programs on their website. For every type of cartridge, say a laser toner or ink, there's a specific program specialized for each type. You can either request for a single cartridge return or if you have too much at hand, then it's better to choose the bulk cartridges return.

For those printer users who are using Lexmark inkjet printers, there's a special bag only made for genuine Lexmark ink cartridges that will be sent out for return. All you have to do is fill-up the form provided on their site for requesting return bags which you will use for shipping back the cartridges to Lexmark.

As I've mentioned, since the company provides various recycling and return program, sending a laser toner cartridge goes in a different way. Instead of receiving a return bag, toner consumables needs to be prepared and packed by the owner, then they may request a pre-paid shipping label to be included on the packaging. Lexmark also allow accepting of empty and used printer cartridges through several authorized supplies resellers.

All these collection programs, as well as the other available recycling programs on their website are absolutely free to the consumer. Hence, being environmentally responsible shouldn't be costly. Participating on such programs can developed a better printing solution from which many would benefit, even the future generations. But participating alone can't be enough, why don't you try opting for eco-friendly printer consumables such as Lexmark toner cartridges and ink cartridges. These recycled toner cartridges and all other printer supplies is more than just a solution to your printing expenses, it also provide a living for the local employees who are working on recycling plants and facilities.



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