Putting your old materials to good cause, either by protecting the environment or helping other people, is definitely a great initiative. Lexmark, as one of the well-known printer manufacturing companies in the printing industry, has made another recycling program from which the young ones of South Africa benefited.

Every printer manufacturer, and companies under the printing industry, has a responsibility to ensure that all their products specifically those printer consumables, must be properly discarded and wouldn't end up in landfills, to avoid negative impacts on the environment. They are perfectly aware that besides the fact that their products populate the landfills, the residual toner powders or inks inside every cartridges are potentially harmful that it can release hazardous elements, contaminating the soil of the landfills from where they're situated as well as the air and water that surrounds the area.

Being aware of all these facts, Lexmark has a zero landfill policy that reduces the environmental impacts of their products by reducing landfill waste, recycling the components of their printer consumables, and ensuring that every toxic or potentially hazardous substances from their products are managed safely.

Lexmark established Cartridge Recycling Initiative for Babies (CRIB), a recycling project that deals with the environmental concerns and changing the lives of young ones in South Africa. The company used discarded eco friendly toner cartridges to raise a fund for Cotlands in South Africa, a charitable institution for 76 years that provides an ample of caring for the children of Africa.

"Through CRIB, Lexmark recovers used inkjet cartridges and lexmark toner cartridges from its customers, recycles them, and in return makes a financial contribution to Cotlands in the form of a currency called baby days. One baby day equals the cost of housing, feeding, clothing and medical care for one child at Cotlands for the period of one day. Lexmark’s financial contribution equates to a certain number of cartridges returned. Over the past 11 years, Lexmark has raised R4.5-million (US$518 000) for Cotlands, and they have sponsored 87 000 baby days."

Saving the environment and changing lives of many children, this is what the Crib's main purpose, truly a great form of investment.


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