What things could there be more for us to know the possible changes and improvements in order to have a better and greener world to live. According to Eric Corey Freed, the Author of 'Green Building & Remodeling for Dummies', he said "the change is overdue." So true, yet still this words doesn't come to the senses of many people who are actually aware of what's happening to our world.

There are three things Eric Corey Freed mentioned from an article posted in Inhabitat. First is Transparency, second is Resiliency, and last is Carbon. These three things are what we should be focusing more this year  in order to improve our world's status in terms of environmental aspects. Below is an excerpt of his own statement from the article posted in Inhabitat.

TRANSPARENCY: Manufacturers will be forced, either by consumer demand or regulation, to disclose the environmental impact of their products. New approaches, such as the Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) from UL Environment or SCS Certified, and new open standards, such as the Healthy Product Declaration (HPD) from the Healthy Building Network, have paved the way for a transparent future.

RESILIENCY: Hurricane Sandy, the storm that crippled New York and Philadelphia, (and leveled Atlantic City), highlighted the extreme vulnerability of our transportation and electricity infrastructure. To millions this past November, climate change suddenly just became very real and very expensive. When the Governor of New York suggested we build walls around Lower Manhattan, you know resilient design is an important topic for the year. In fact, BuildingGreen’s Top 10 Products for the year focused on resiliency.

CARBON: The profession of design is about to change drastically. If you’re an architect, engineer, planner or builder, the way you build is about to undergo some radical new transformations. 2012 is on track to be the warmest year on record, with some 40,000 temperature records broken in the US alone. We can no longer ignore or procrastinate about how carbon is treated.

Based from what these statements convey, environmental concern will be given more importance and that's what it should be. Vulnerability was also highlighted, the weakness of a few infrastructures, their flexibility and sturdiness had been tested through several natural disasters which only brought casualties due to insufficient resiliency. Carbon reduction, particularly our carbon footprint emissions as well as the greenhouse gases that affect our ozone layer. We've been setting records from the recent years, but the more we reach a new record doesn't mean we should rejoice, it's actually the other way around. If 2012 was recorded as the warmest year, are we expecting to set a new record this year?

Always bear in mind these things to live a greener life, reduce your carbon footprints, prefer house materials that are energy-efficient, promote environmental awareness, support environment-friendly products and consumables like eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges or practice paperless printing, recycle and upcycle materials, reuse consumables that can still be utilize.


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