These days, we'll find that more young professionals are preferring to work at home, for so many reasons. But one thing is for sure, they find it more comfortable to work at home. Some entrepreneurs are typically running their business from home, which is quite more efficient. Others would just want to cut down their daily expenses on commuting, whether by bus or car, both requires spending. While a small group of people are primarily concern about the time they could save just by working at home.

Let's say that working from home may help reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere through the diminishing number of cars from the road, that's a huge factor to consider. However, it still requires a personal computer, some sort of equipment, and home office supplies that anyone may need to deliver their work at home. Thus, the carbon footprint produced from using a computer is still there, but this time it is quite controlled. Yes indeed, controlled in a way that you're obliged to turn it On and Off just whenever you need it, unlike in the office that they're typically in standby mode.

It does makes sense right? Aside from the computer, one of the very essential equipment one must have in a home office is a printer. Exchanging emails and chats can be done through any Instant Messaging platform available in the internet, as well as webmail/email services. But reports, analysis and important documents need to be printed, hence a printer equipment is essentially a requirement in any home office.

The good thing about having your own work space is that you can easily mix things up according to your preferences, or customized the room itself. For more ideas on how to design your home office with a simple touch of eco-friendly ideas, here's a link to MNN's recent post about tips on designing a home office the green way :

Furthermore, you can also optimize the supplies and materials your home office may need. Lighting does not only give your office a bright shade, it's also use to set a nice aesthetic and a cozy environment. Consider it a good investment, besides who else would use it aside from you right, so might as well make it perfectly suitable to your liking. Office supplies shouldn't make you worry, just make a short list of all the possible things you need and drive off to an office supply store.

Shopping for furniture and equipment can be a tough job but worth rewarding, it will makes sense once you're inside your very own office and it do feels like home. Make sure not to get a sofa-bed cause once you felt sleepy, your enemy is yourself for sure. Kidding aside, a table with drawer and a nice chair to sit will do. Consider getting a table large enough  for  your laptop or computer, a corner for documents, and a shared space for a printer. Every houses and businesses use a printer, so a home office should also have one, no buts or ifs. Make sure to get a printer with environmentally features, and check if you can use eco-friendly laser toner cartridges or ink cartridges with it. The drawback of working at home is that you need to shoulder these expenses such as supplies and electricity. However, comparing the amount you spent daily from working in a corporate office, over the money you can save in the long run by working in a home office, perhaps it will suffice.


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