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It's been several months since 3D printing technology became available to the masses, more affordable, convenient, compact and improved versions have been developed for the consumers to utilize. The way consumer goods were fabricated was transform and became more customizable, enhanced and of course easy, but still the products sturdiness and quality remain.

Although we can purchase a machine that can produce three-dimensional products and stuffs for us to either use personally or for whatever purpose we wanted, it's just a one time expense we're talking about here. Let's not forget the point that as 3D printer user, you should also consider the cost of maintaining the machine as well the supplies it requires to run. And that particular 3D printer consumable is the plastic filament, which is typically costly and yes a bit of hard to find. For those who are not aware of how much would it cost to buy a plastic filament for 3D printers, well it will cost about $50 or more to purchase a single spool of it.

Fortunately, for those who find it a troublesome to replace their printer's filament, here is a great solution that will put an end to your problem. The Filabot, "a machine that allows anyone to make their own 3D printing substrate from old recyclables sitting in the bin." Invented by Tyler McNaney, a genius student from Vermont Technical College in Randolph, United States.

Tyler's invention which was funded by Kickstarter, is a compact machine that can turn waste plastic material into a usable filament for 3D printing. Filabot, with its 12 x 12 x 24 dimension, can powerfully grind and melt, then eject the material out of its small recycling-plant-like housing. From an actual test, a single milk container and a detergent bottle can actually be enough to produce an 8 feet long plastic filament for your 3D printer. There's a coil heating element inside this terribly small machine, it varies the temperature to accommodate different types of plastic material. It's been said that the final model of Filabot will feature a tip that can be adjusted to the desired filament diameter.

Now if you're wondering if it's out in the market, then McNaney is currently working on it, to produce a batch of Filabot machines to sustain the first wave of orders. For Kickstarter backers, you can get this machine for about $350. When will it be launch to the public, that's a question they can only answer so better check their website for updates.

If you've got a lot of plastic waste in your business, then this machine is a business opportunity for you. Make those stream of plastic waste material turn into 3D printer filaments and sell it to the market, that sounds real money. You get a business, plus helping reduce environmental impacts, that's just too awesome. Recycled materials are less cheaper but still sturdy, just like those eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges, alternatively reliable for your printing needs.



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