Make Money By Being Eco Friendly
Aside from growing your own organic garden, to feed your family with all those fresh, green, and organic dishes, or create money by selling some spare or extra harvest. You can also make money from a lot of ways by going green. Your neighbors and some market vendors may love to keep your green harvest coming, but still you can't have a good meal for your own table with the money you get from selling organic goods. So PrintGreen will try its best to provide you eco friendly, healthy living and green ideas, to keep your wallet full.

A lot of you may be aware to some of the green concepts and ways to which you can save money and cut the cost from your expenses, then saving isn't the only good thing that going green can provide you, it can also be a source of income. You may call it as your side line or side job, still whatever you call it, you'll end up earning what you never expect. Here are some of the ideas, so let's get started.

Recycling, of course it's very common that recycling can provide incomes. Well if you don't know that for now, then start upcycling and creating recycled materials that are worth for another purpose and try to introduce your masterpiece to the world. An example of this, are the eco friendly toner cartridges, these are made from returned print cartridges (empty,used) and undergo recycling process. Thus producing recycled cartridges or as what we call it remanufactured toner cartridges. From a noble idea of recycling print cartridges, the man behind this work is probably earning a lot.

Start an eco-centric business, nowadays green technology is very common and establishing a green business is somewhat another common thing. It can be catchy to some market consumers to see products that are marked with hundred recycled materials, but remember to use this mark / stamp / tag, only and if you do have a hundred percent recycled product to sell. Avoid borrowing money, i would definitely discourage you from doing it.

Blogging is a good way, really I'm telling you, for me it's a noble job to promote being Eco Friendly, help saving the environment, voicing out the ideas that can help spread the good practice of recycling, all of these are promoted through this blog. You can earn money by blogging and writing contents that are of good quality, by the way PrintGreen is not for monetizing money purpose.

Spending money to earn money is ironic, but still true. Invest your money from eco friendly houses and build your own green houses. Through the emergence of technology and green living, eco friendly houses are now getting more and more popular this days. You and your family can live in a very luxurious house, but living in an eco friendly houses is a rewarding lifestyle that you deserve. 


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