To learn more about the topic, talk about it. That's why instead of asking everyone to do their part and be one with the environmentally responsible citizen around the world, I'll be providing must known facts about printer cartridges recycling.

Printer consumables such as the ink and toner cartridges, even the drum unit, for a business that requires printing on a daily basis these supplies may generate a totally huge cost. Not all that, once these items reached their end of life or usage limit, there are two paths from which they could probably end up, it's either on the recycling plants or landfills. Although there are programs and agencies that promote proper e-waste disposal, still a certain percentage of such waste materials

Cartridges components consist of plastic, metal, rubber, paper and foam. About 80% of it composed plastic and metal, the remaining percentage are the other components. There are two types of printer cartridges, one is the ink cartridge and the other is the toner cartridge, say if you include it on the overall components that made up a cartridge, nearly 97% of a cartridge's components can be recycled.

The recycling process that a printer cartridge go through is not similar to the ones you commonly know. In general, it involves cleaning, refurbishing, segregating, drilling, and refilling, something more like that. Even the recycling process that each manufacturer used must be certified by the print industry standards in order to prevent substandard products from disseminating in the market.

Economically speaking, recycled toner cartridges and ink cartridges only cost 50% less than branded supplies. The significant cost reduction doesn't mean these printer consumables are of bad quality. Remember that they're made of recycled components from original cartridges, hence the manufacturer doesn't use raw materials in the production process. Cartridge recycling also require less energy consumption which makes recycled products more affordable.

Years ago, millions or even billions of printer cartridges are being dumped in the landfills and incinerators. After they developed the right method of cartridge recycling, eventually the number of printer supplies that undergo recycling increased over time. Thus, more consumers are gradually accepting the market for recycled toner cartridges and ink cartridges from which aside from the fact that they save money through using it, they also aid on sustainability.



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