Since it's summer, why not keep yourself busy with environment friendly and fun learning craft activities that will improve your green way of living. It's pretty usual that after school days, you'll find a lot of projects, research papers, things and stuffs from school piling up in your room. Instead of dumping it all into the bins or wait for the garbage truck to pick them up, why not make use of all those materials for recycling purposes, that sounds much better. To ensure that our own waste wouldn't end up in the landfills, move and start digging inside the box, check all those things you have and see which can still be reused.

Aside from those stuffs, recall those paper works and printouts you've made during the school year, set aside the paper materials we'll have a different thing to do with those. What you should be gathering are the printer consumables you spent for all those term papers, researches and printed materials. Here are some of the nicest and niftiest recycling activities that you can do with old and used printer cartridges. Let's bring out the creativity within you, and show your friends how artistically you can be.

Starting from the very easy and simple yet fancy project, let's call it as Project1 or the Cartridge Paperweights. Everyone can use it especially in the office, make as many as you can and give it to your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, friends, or anyone that may need it. With the use of some adhesives and glittering accessories, you can embellish the empty cartridges with anything you want. But before doing the fun part, first you have to get dirty cause you need to clean the cartridges and fill it with sand. You can't call it a paperweight if it literally doesn't have any weight,right? Once done decorating the cartridge, glue it into a cardboard or a small piece of wood to serve as its base so it can stand. You now have your very own paperweight out of recycled toner cartridges and ink cartridges.

Rank two on our list of the easiest recycling project are the ref-magnets. Instead of buying why not make your own, so you'll have a more customized design and decorations. With Project2, you have to purchase small magnets which will be placed at the back of the cartridges. You can either paint or let the cartridges as it is, but make sure their clean,since kids might reach out of those and nibble it.

Third on our list is called the Family Picture Frame. This one's a bit tricky, since you have to collect ink tanks of different sizes and thickness. You'll have a problem if you only have one class of cartridge at home, but I've got a work-around. Get some glue and stick two cartridges to make its width double than the usual, then repeat the process but now make it three pieces of cartridges. Once the glue completely dried out, arrange the cartridges in a cardboard with a size enough to hold your prepared cartridges. Paste those cartridges into the cardboard but don't glue the cartridges near to any cartridge with same thickness. Let the cartridges stick in place, once they're perfectly glued to the board, cut pictures of the members of the family and paste it randomly to the cartridges, then allow it to dry.

Here's the hardest and perhaps will keep your hands at work literally. Prepare cartridges of the same sizes and types, clean and remove the labels so it'll have the translucent effect. Now get a wire and make a hole at the bottom side of each cartridges -- from these holes you'll shoot the wire. It's like creating a bracelet of used cartridges, think of the cartridges as the beads and the wire as the string. If you want a lamp with height, glue two layers of it to make a tall lamp. It can also work as a chandelier, just tie a wire on to the top cartridges or the lid and hand it on a chain that can support its weight.


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