How would you like your coffee to be served, steaming hot, cold with ice, or would you like it with ink? I guest after you've read this post, you'll surely ask for the last one. Coffee with it's aroma brings soothe with every sip, it can even gather people from all walks of life, let them sit and talk to each other like they knew that person for quite a long time. Even businessmen talk about their negotiations over a cup of coffee. What fun could it be having a coffee with something printed on top of it, would you still take a sip or you'll take a picture first?

If you're saying that this thing isn't new to hear, yes, you're right somehow. The concept of creating designs on top of coffee lattes isn't new and has been known for several years. But technology wise, this thing isn't just designed manually by some artistic hands, but rather with the use of a printer. The question is how does a printer capable of printing designs on top of lattes besides paper materials. In this case, a standard plotter printer has been utilized to print anything onto a cup of coffee or the actual latte itself.

Oleksiy Pikalo is the genius person behind this creation, he adopted a printer plotter from eBay and used it to developed a printer that can print on the top of the latte coffee. You don't have to worry about being poison with the ink, cause this invention uses a brown edible ink to create the graphics. Unlike a standard printer that uses ink cartridges, the printer plotter he developed uses a pen like device to deliver the ink and create wonderful images as you please on top of the froth.

Though I suggest you think of a design not too intricate unless you want your hot coffee serve as cold as ice, cause it'll take about a minute to finish a simple design. Still, this one is a great innovation and I would likely be glad to see one of these on Starbucks.

It's kind of exciting to see this one in action, maybe I'll try to re-model my printer at home and see if can also make one for myself. Though I'm not sure where can I get an edible ink to use for my own invention, maybe I can make some experimentation with my eco-friendly toner cartridges, well that'll make me busy.


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