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As much as possible i always try to make sure that every thing i do from the great things down to the smallest, can never be harmful to the environment and instead it could possibly contribute to its preservation. There are hundreds of ways to which you can apply recycling, instead of throwing away things and stuffs that can still be useful to some other ways.

Mandatory recycling is already applied in several cities Philadelphia, San Diego, County of Honolulu and so on. All city households are instructed to have garbage bins, and recycling of different kinds of useful materials is strictly required to most businesses and agencies. A lot of cities nowadays are encouraging their community to recycle materials as much as they can. This adopted rules and policies about mandatory recycling is definitely for the betterment and could help improve their cities.

We have to be aware of what are these materials that can be recycled, actually we don't just need to be aware, we also need to be creative. With the creativity in mind and the concern for the environment, we can all think of various better ways to create useful products and stuffs that could be beneficial for the environment.

Have you heard of the saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure" ? Those things that you throw and those old stuffs that you burn, you don't even know it could be useful for your neighbor, or an art project for your little sister. Let's use the printer cartridges as an example material, these cartridges are mainly made of plastics, and plastics are good insulators right, so instead of just letting them end up on incinerators why don't you think of a another way to use it.

If you can't be imaginative, then send them back to your respective manufacturer, they know the right thing to do. There are some printer manufacturing companies that accepts returning of empty or used printer ink and toner cartridges. They're recycling these returned printer cartridges to create new ones for your printers. These remanufactured toner cartridges are way cheaper, much cost-effective and tot op it all they're all environment friendly.

There are more materials and things out there that you can apply recycling, and these eco-friendly toner cartridges are just one of the examples. We just have to be concern to our environment so we can be able to create a better community towards a green and healthier living.



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