How can we actually say that a product is indeed Eco-friendly? Products claiming they're hundred percent made from recycled organics and materials, yet they look bulky with those plastic wrappers and packaging. Are they really Eco-friendly? Maybe if we look at it this way, such that the product was actually a recycled matter and soon it will decompose once reaching their limit. But what are going to do with those plastic wrappers and packages, unless they're also decomposable or organic, they'll soon bring harm to the environment if not properly dispose.

Styrofoam and plastic packaging are not environment-friendly, thus if you try to purchase a product with a mark that says '100% made from recycled materials', yet it was packed in bubble wraps or Styrofoam, that's a bit absurd. They're promoting green products, but they still incorporate non-degradable materials into the packaging. Thus it makes sense, that recycled consumables with less packaging are more Eco-friendly.

Paper supplies that are used for printing, recycled or not, are necessities in most offices. If you would prefer to purchase recycled paper sheets, then it is much better not only for your office environment but also for the environment. What makes it a good choice for your office? First they are cost-efficient, thus saving you some good bucks and cutting down your office supplies cost, and second, you promote green printing practices not only to yourself but extending the benefits of it to all your employees.

Shopping for your weekly or monthly groceries, whatever you prefer, is one of the factors why you get tons of plastic bags in your house, and mind you, not all recycling plants and organizations accept every kind of plastic waste. Thus, it leaves you with no other choice but to discard all those waste, which then goes to the landfills. So what makes you a green and better shopper? Bring your own reusable bags, a big one so you jammed everything you need to buy from the store. Avoid purchasing consumables and products in plastic wrappers, unless you're fond of collecting waste. What's good about products with less packaging is the fact that you don't have to read any tiny-font descriptions of what is it, just look at it.

Printer's, everyone own a printer buddy at home, offices or business environments, it became a necessity equipment actually. Inks and toners, let's set them aside, as there's still no solid solution that can replace those chemicals to create greener printouts. But, printer cartridges can be recycled, even the major brands and big names in the print industry accept returned cartridges to undergo recycling process. Although the packaging is still the same, there are some manufacturers working on providing a better packaging or at least less packaging if they will allow. These eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges are made from empty and used printer consumables, refurbished and recycled to re-use.

Manufacturers can do a lot of things and a way better solution to their products packaging. It's just that they use it for promotional purposes, imprinting brand names, logo and stuffs like that into the box and wrappers. What could be the use of a green eco-friendly product, if it's inside a harmful packaging, it's like eating junk food to suffice your hunger but you don't get nutritional value.



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