For a typical printer user, you must be used to instances where you printer runs out of ink. And no matter how you try to estimate the number of pages printed over the amount of ink, the figures still varies. What you often do is purchase and purchase another batch of replacement cartridges for your printer. Though it may not be a daily occurring expense, just like refilling the gas tank of your cars, if you'll pile up the expense from the recurring expenses of your printer, there you'll see the amount you have invested over the time. 

Then you'll realize how much worth you have spent from purchasing replacement cartridges. You'll imagine every bucks and penny you have been throwing every time you disposed of a piece of printer cartridge. Maybe you would have been wondering by now what could be a good way for you to save money instead of wasting it. 

The solution is very simple,recycling. Your printer toner and ink cartridges can be recycled, by your respective manufacturer, by some professionals and experts who have doing cartridge recycling for quite a long time, and even you can do it. If you're knowledgeable of the process of cartridge recycling, then send them back to your manufacturers, assuming that they accept used and empty cartridges for recycling to manufacture eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges.

Why would you recycle, this could be the question for you. Well, first you want to be environmentally responsible. Second, you want to have alternative products that are way cheaper but not comprising the quality just like these remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges. Third, you want to reduce and lessen the needs for natural resources that are used for the production of new goods. These reasons are all beneficial for the environment as well as to you and everyone else in the community.

Actually you don't really need to have a lot of reasons for you to do recycling. For PrintGreen one good reason is enough, and weighs more  than any other reason. And that's simply to help save the environment. For now there's only one planet where we can live, and to help save it cost more than any other reason that one can give.



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