Some of the latest printers in the market today support energy-saving features, one good example to cite is Canon's Auto Power function which turns the printer OFF when not in use for certain period, and turns it back ON automatically once it receives a print request. There are more of these similar features to mention like Duplex feature which allows printing on both sides of a page. It doesn't simply save energy, but paper materials as well. Aside from the auto ON/OFF feature, there's also these so called low-power mode and standby mode which are also useful in many ways.

Do you know that about 7-10% of the overall electricity consumption in most office establishments goes to those machines that are often idle? Since among your employees, not all of them would be concern to turn the machine off or pull the plug off the outlet, this estimated value may become bigger in the long run.

According to ENERGY STAR standards, the Auto-Off feature of your machine should be adjusted base on the number of images/prints it can produce in a minute, basically the PPM and IPM ratings. PPM stands for pages per minute, while IPM stand for images per minute. Here's the settings you must follow:
  • 0 - 10 ipm: 15 minutes (suggested auto-off time: 30 minutes)
  • 11 - 20 ipm: 30 minutes (auto-off could be set to 60 minutes)
  • 55 + ipm: 60 minutes (possible auto-off time of 90 minutes)

Printer require electricity to work, and that's given, each of its functionality takes different rates of energy. Say, printing takes two times more than copying, while scanning takes 3 times more than printing, take note that these are just assumptions. With regards to duplexing feature, setting the printer to print in duplex by default will cut the energy consumption of printing by almost half. Same goes with copying, single-sided copying requires more energy compared to copying two files in a single page in one run.

Low-power mode or sleep mode, and more likely similar to standby mode, is the lowest power state possible that a printer can be set. As mentioned earlier, Auto ON/OFF feature works together with this feature. Since you can't shut down the machine, you can set it to low-power mode instead.

If your printer does not support any of the said features, perhaps your machine is quite a low-end model, but there's always a way if you really intend to go green. If you can't use any feature to make it efficient, then use a component that will make it as one. Just like using remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges, you might not save energy, but it can generally reduce printing expenses much as you save from your electricity bills.


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