To many, switching to green printing practices means saving money, but to some people who are environmentally concern, it isn't just saving but helping the environment as well. Businesses and consumers are both getting benefits in the process, and it's very useful in the user's end for they get what they need with the same value for almost half the price.

Green printing practices may start even at the the time you will buy a printer. It's not only the way you print that matters, more importantly you should also pay attention to the machine that you're using. Is it rated with Energy Star, or certified for energy efficiency? U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or EPA provides guidelines and metrics that aren't that high to consider for a printer not to pass. To make it more simple, while choosing a printer just ask the tech guy in charge of assisting you, ask about the energy usage and efficiency of a particular model you want.

Most high-end printer models in the market nowadays are typically with features and functionality that are not just energy or cost efficient, but are eco-friendly as well. Some good features include : Duplex (double-sided) printing, which is needless to explain why it's an effective feature, Eco-mode and Sleep-mode are also excellent. Additionally, using high-capacity printer cartridges may reduce cost-per-page with every print. Xerox ink blocks for ColorQube printers are unique and ideal to consider.

If you really want to save more while aiding in the sustainability and environment protection. Switch to using eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges for your printer. These printer consumables are commonly available in the market in bargain prices. The big names in print industry also recycle their supplies and products, so how can you say recycled printer cartridges are substandard? It's not always on the brand or model or price that quality can be measured, it's on the way you print.



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