Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program
Lexmark International, which has been known for manufacturing quality printer equipment and printer supplies, also supports recycling and protecting the environment. The company encourages their loyal customers who frequently use original Lexmark toner cartridges and ink cartridges, to send them back to lexmark. For the purpose of recycling and reusing empty printer cartridges, to avoid sending them to the landfill. Lexmark's Cartridge Collection Program, encourages every individual, small work groups or even businesses to practice cartridge recycling, and how it can be easy for us to make use of our empty cartridges.

Before you toss your used printer cartridges in the trash bin, consider the bad things that it can bring to the environment, if not properly disposed of, or just dumped into the landfills. The toxins that it can emit to the environment, affecting the people and the community that surrounds to the infected area. So instead of having this issues, and experience a more huge problem when it adds up to the numerous causes of global warming, why not recycle those printer cartridges. You'll be amaze of how great you are by recycling your used toner and ink cartridges, and create an eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges for your printer equipment.

In fact from a Life Cycle Assessment commissioned by Lexmark international, found that sending back your empty or used printer cartridges which should be made by Lexmark, instead of letting them get dumped on local waste streams, can significantly decreases the carbon footprint of that cartridge by almost 60%. That's why the company collects thousands and millions of empty and used Lexmark printer cartridges for their Cartridge Collection Program, and recycle those printer cartridges for reuse. Lexmark's program of remanufacturing and reusing, both greatly contributes for the betterment of the environment.

Conserving raw materials, and avoiding additional emissions from manufacturing new printer cartridges, this are all achieved by recycling printer consumables which became a great contributor of waste in the past recent years. All these leading recycling programs from all concerned printer manufacturing companies are such great advocacies to consider, and need to be well promoted globally.



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