Have you tried to take a look around you, and notice all the the plastic consumables and materials that surrounds you? Even in your humble houses, you can find plastic materials all around. In a world that disposable goods are very common, as well as convenient products that in most cases are non degradable. Unrecyclable materials can bring much trouble to us, it may not manifest now but soon everyone who have contributed to this mountainous waste of plastics, will realize the cost of what they have done.

There was once a story from an article of an albatros that died due to starvation, the reason behind the death of this bird, is starvation, its belly was filled with plastics instead of food. As a consumer, do we know everything or at least know enough about the products that we purchase? Aside from the term, it is made of plastic ,what more do you know about the raw materials used in the production of these goods that we consume. As a trade secret, product manufacturers not only plastic manufacturers are keeping the real mixtures of what their product was made of.

Even your pets can be susceptible to dangers that plastics may bring. Do you know that feeding your pets, from plastic bowls can give them allergies and rashes? Plastic feeder and bowls allow bacteria to breed and multiply. You have no way of determining if ever the packaging that indicates antibacterial is definitely true, cause more probably they're not. Your medications can also be covered with layers of chemicals and or plastic, and still you have no way of avoiding it unless you know it's harmful.

Our oceans and seas are already polluted by theses chemical, plastic ingestion and choking are just some of the caused of death of sea turtles and birds feeding from the sea, as well as endangered species living in the ocean that has been polluted by wastes and garbage not only plastic that people have been throwing and improperly disposing on several bodies of water that flows down to the sea. Innocent creatures are suffering due to our own negligence.

Recycling is one great solution to these global concerning problem. We end up with this situation due to our own carelessness, and it's us alone can do the proper solution to solve this. PrintGreen promotes plastic recycling, like those printer cartridges that are mainly made of plastic raw materials. Good thing there are a few companies who developed eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges. Recycling these common printer consumer commodity is a great start to solve the issue about waste reduction. Using remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges can create a big impact on saving the environment. 



08/18/2012 1:49am

Excellent! I admire all the helpful data you've shared in your articles. I'm looking forward for more helpful articles from you. :)

Joseph Aidan

08/20/2012 7:06pm

Thanks a lot for your good response. I would greatly appreciate it,if you can spread those information to a lot of people, and also i would be much appreciated if you can share my articles.
Thanks again.


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