Waste turn into works of art, we've seen and featured a lot of it. Honestly for me they are all mind-blowing, but believe me the rest are yet to come that's why I will be featuring another one.

Aurora Robson, and environmental activist that promotes and raises awareness about plastic waste reduction. The artist explained from a video that featured her creations, “It’s a wonderful opportunity to give people space to reflect on their behavior and on their relationship to matter and material that they come across in their daily lives.”

As an artist and activist as well, she wants to touch peoples awareness and be moved through her wonderful art creations. Helping them realize to use and purchase less wasteful products specifically plastic consumables. Since not everyone of us is aware of the fact that the amount of plastic waste nearly covers a huge percentage of the total waste collected annually.  Each and everyone of us plays an important role in our society and we have the choice to avoid using plastic materials as much as we could.

The passion to protect the environment through her own way, this motivation inspired Aurora Robson, a Canadian-born artist to create art sculptures made from cut-up plastic bottles and some other discarded plastic materials. Her sculptures were sold to support further environmental awareness with regards to waste reduction. Most of her works were featured in Inhabitat and several art exhibits, to check some of her recent creations you may visit her website to see her own sculpture gallery.

You see, there's always a way for us to show our passion and enthusiasm with regards to environmental awareness. There are several waste materials floating on the river streams, piling up on the landfills from which instead of letting them end up on such places, we think of a better way to reuse or recycle those materials and make them useful for a good cause. Waste reduction or eliminating waste is something you can't achieve just by sitting and clapping our hands for those who have done great things for the environment. We should also make our own move to promote and reduce waste materials to end up on every landfills.

Reusing them is definitely a good way, there are recycling plants and facilities accepting used materials and old stuffs that would even pay you for sending those junks. Like for example, in the US there are hundreds of facilities and organizations accepting e-waste and printer cartridges for them to recycle. That's why they have eco-friendly toner cartridges and other recycled consumables that are very cost-effective and high quality.



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