We've been talking about recycling mainly of electronic stuffs and printer consumables, but do you also know that even home furnishings can be recycled. Instead of disposing your dingy old furniture how about recycle them or if you're too lazy for it you can send them out to some local organizations that accepts home furniture considering that it can still be repaired.

In this digital age, aside from electronic waste that we've been dealing with, food waste shouldn't be taken for granted. Would you believe that there are certain organizations that offer people the opportunity to recycle their food waste. They use a container from which all food waste are kept and recycled, setting you free from the awful smell of rotten and decaying food waste from your bin. If it hasn't reached you, how about the idea of home composting, it's another way for you to get rid and recycle food waste.

Like I said, electronic waste recycling is a great way to get rid and reuse your old PC's, gadgets, mobile phones and so on. Try to research for some organizations that caters recycling schemes for your old electronic materials, or ask your local councils if they do have a similar service. But remember to clear all personal files/data from your PC or mobile phone before you send them out for recycling, just to avoid any conflicts.

A few handsets are quite normal for most of us, but if we're not using all of them and some were even old enough to be use, then I guest it's time for you to hand them over to some organizations that accepts mobile phone recycling. Do you know that there are websites like CompareMobilePhoneRecycling that will offer you cash or gift checks in return for your unwanted handsets.

If you have a few used printer cartridges which I'm pretty sure you do, it would be great to start your own share for the environment, and save some money as well. Millions of printer consumables especially laser toner and ink cartridges are just thrown away to the landfills. These are mainly made out of plastic components, which as we all know brings a lot of harm to the environment, then what more could it bring if you add up the effects of toxins inside each containers. Recycling them is the only way to reduce its negative impact, remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges are far better for the environment. If you're waiting for me to say this, yes they give rewards of course money to those who participate on printer cartridges recycling. So why not do your part on saving the environment and earn a few cash for yourself, besides there's no harm on trying it.



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