Recycling has never been this good, even the holidays connive with it. More and more recycling enthusiast are being recognize through their works and crafts. Especially this Christmas season, several green works and ideas were featured from different sites that promote recycling and waste reduction all around the world. All those nifty artworks and creations were so brilliant that no one could ever resist staring at them, proving to themselves that these things in front of them are actually made from recycled materials.

Since PrintGreen has been featuring a lot of green topics for Christmas season, here's another great and eco-friendly post for each and everyone of you. I've read this article from Inhabitat that features 10 Crazy Manmade Holiday Trees, and from this rundown I chose two of the most eco-friendly Christmas Tree that really took my attention.

First would be the Upcycled Water Bottle "Ice Tree". I was wondering why it was called the "Ice Tree", then by merely looking at the picture or rather focusing on the aesthetic of the tree, anyone would surely recognize that it resembles an ice sculpture of a tree. This Upcycled Water Bottle is being featured in the storefront of Montreal's furniture store the Domison, this holiday tree or as it's called the Ice Tree is made from about 300 water bottles, arranged to form this sculpture. It was created by hanging the water bottles from the ceiling and being illuminated by rays of light to give them an ethereal presence. The Upcycled Water Bottle "Ice Tree" was installed by graphic design studio Paprika.

Next and lastly, the Recycled Cassette Tape and CD Tree. At first glance, I thought it was also made out of glass materials, it was really eye striking with all the glows and sparks that the tree illuminated. This amazing and extremely huge recycled holiday tree is entirely made from used CD's and cassette tapes, as the title of the tree explains for itself. The Recycled Cassette Tape and CD Tree was displayed at the Chelsea Market in NYC during this holiday. The top of the tree was made from CD's and the bed or the bottom if you'll notice was made from black tapes pulled from old cassettes. If you want to see the footage of this recycled tree, you'll find it here.

There are more crazy holiday trees that were made from different parts of the world, I'll try to provide more of this and feature it here in PrintGreen to share for everyone. Does anyone think of creating a holiday Christmas tree that is entirely made of eco-friendly toner cartridges or ink cartridges from your printer? If no one has ever tried it, then I guess I'll be the first one to try.


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