On my previous post, it teaches how to create Recycled Paint Can Jack O'Lanterns that you can use as additional unique decorations for the coming Halloween season. Now, we'll still be making another recycling project for the Halloween season, and i should name it as Spooky Lights of the Night, or whatever you want to call it. This quite easy, fun recycling activity will bring spooks to all your neighbors and kids that will knock to ask for trick or treats.

For this craft, we'll be needing the following : milk plastic bottles (single serving), pen markers (black) or you may use acrylic paint for better effects, hole-punch, and of course string lights from where you will attach all those spooky bottles.

To start, first make sure that all the milk bottles are thoroughly clean, dry and has no strong scent of spoiled milk, although it could be a nice effect that your spooky bottles have some indecent smell to make it more eerie. If you want to make a lot of these, you can ask some of your friends or neighbors who have stocked the same milk bottles. Now get your acrylic paints and start painting spooky faces on those bottles, your will surely love to participate on this part, as they'll enjoy making eerie faces of ghost like creatures. Try making various ghost faces, if you have no idea on what to draw, I'm sure you've heard about Google search, you know what to do.

Let the paint on those bottles dry out. Once they're all dry, use the hole-punch to create holes on both sides of the mouth of the bottle, then use wires to attach your spooky bottles to the string light. Use one bottle for each light. Once you're done putting all those bottles over each light, you can put ribbons on the head of the bottle to add some nicer looks, then it's time for testing. Plug it, and turn the lights on.

I'm sure your kids will love to play at night with your spooky bottles on, it'll make your garden more eerie than ever for this coming Halloween, and have a more fun trick or treat with your family and friends. Let your kids learn crafting and recycling the fun way, and try to teach them how to practice reusing and upcycling materials. Healthy living is better, but green living is a lot better, using recycled materials such as eco-friendly toner cartridges and other consumables that are made from used materials, re-process components and daily consumables including remanufactured toner cartridges which greatly help the environment.


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