Paper materials or paper products whatever you call it, they're basically made from wood. Albeit there are many ways to recycle them, there ain't much ways to bring them back to their original form or state. But with Andrej Malinin, a Swedish clever designer who used newspapers and colorful pages of paper waste for her recycling project which aims to create a compostable furniture as durable as a real wood.

The output was superbly unique, sturdy and hard as wood with texture and appearance that resembles lumber or timber. Malinin just basically glued thousands of paper layers using a water-based adhesive, and the output was incredibly awesome that it actually mimic a wood. His wonderful creation was entitled "Back To Wood" by the designer himself which definitely implies the true interpretation of Malinin's recycling project.

Come to think of it, if it's really as strong and durable as what they claimed, that it can withstand pressure and several factors that a real wood can endure. Then wouldn't it be nice to create your own table or rack by recycling tons of paper materials which eventually will turn as waste? Of course there are considerations and certain limits to which you should be mindful given that it's not really made out of wood. Perhaps like using it for your table top decorations or flower vases. Another good idea is to create a computer rack or a printer rack, where you can place your printing machine into a naive and environment friendly stand.

Say, in the office, there are hundreds of paper waste or drafts or printouts that you can collect and recycle for this purpose. Why don't you make a framework, like I said for a printer equipment, since it's kind of light and small. Additionally, it's the printer that mostly generate paper waste in any office and businesses, hence it's ironic to use its waste for a good purpose. If being eco friendly really matters to you, plus, crafting and nifty recycling projects are just your stuffs, then it's worthy to try making your own version of Malinin's Back to Wood creation. Then another good suggestion you may consider is by using eco-friendly toner cartridges or ink cartridges with your printer, as well as recycled paper products when printing. You can cut down the bills and expenses accrued annually, and most importantly, save and protect the environment.


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