In life there's always an option, there are lots of choices, and there are perks that we enjoy, reward that we get from what we've done. Choosing to be environmentally aware and concern, is not actually a choice, neither an option, for PrintGreen, it's a must. We've been thinking about what more can we do to protect the environment, to reduce the harmful effects that we bring forth through our own negligence. Learning all the materials that can only be decomposed after several years, preventing yourself from using those, is just the start of a long way.

Being eco friendly is just like taking the road less traveled, cause not all of us are taking this path. The urged may not be that strong , but taking a few tips can mean a lot. You can save the environment, and at the same time save your money from all the expenses that burns your wallet, and scarce the resources of our environment. Have a better life from switching to being more eco friendly than contributing to the mountainous wastes on the landfills and waste streams.

Neither should you use plastic, or paper when carrying your groceries, instead use cloth bags that can be wash after use. Plastic as we all know, can take up to a thousand years before it decompose, and paper materials need not to tell, all comes from trees that are cut yearly in order to sustain the production of papers. Millions of trees are being used each year just to provide your paper bag groceries, every time you do shopping. The difference of using cloth bags, is that it can be reuse, and reuse, and reuse several times, unlike paper bags and plastic bags.

Always choose the natural. Organic produce, is one healthy option, you can also consider having a business with this option since there are many people out there opting for the organics. Organic fresh vegetables are more convenient to grow that you can ever have a small organic vegetable garden inside your kitchen.

Energy efficient appliances, and electronics are more convenient to use and much eco-friendly. Switch to more energy efficient light bulbs, in the long run you'll see the difference of how much you have spent from using those fluorescent light bulbs instead of your old ones. You can also practice being eco-friendly in the office. Use office equipments that produces less carbon footprints, and can be less harmful for the environment. Previously, PrintGreen posted, a corn-based bio-polymer printer, that can be better, when use with eco-friendly toner cartridges or ink cartridges.

Recycle as much as you can, just try to visit a landfill and look at how your small garbage end up in that place. Reuse stuffs that are still reusable, avoid throwing them easily, think of a possible way on how can make it useful on some other ways. Re-manufacture, just like those big companies that produces remanufactured toner cartridges, ink cartridges, and all other consumables.


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