There are different ways on how you can teach your kids to practice recycling. One fun learning activity will do, to help them appreciate the benefits and advantages of recycling. What could be a better way to let them absorbed it other than by letting them have some hands on activity to nurture their awareness for the environment.

Crafting and fun filled activities are what children love the most. They can be creative from doing recycling projects and have fun at the same time. What you need to do first is by telling them the importance of doing recycling. Then if you feel like they already absorbed the essence of it, let them find things and stuffs alike that can be recycled. In that way, you'll see if they really understand the meaning and basic concepts of recycling.

Now, after they have gathered all the necessary stuffs for the activity, tell them to express their ideas about recycling and why do they think that the material they have brought can be recycled. This part can be difficult to some kids so you must provide guidance, and be ready as well for tremendous questions that kids would probably ask.

Here's the fun part, after your discussion about the materials they brought and the methods of recycling of them, tell them to create cards and posters that signifies the importance of recycling those materials. It can be a logo, a picture, a sign, or whatever they would like to create so long as it's still connected with the activity. You might be needing to provide paper materials, coloring and painting materials, water based glue, pencil or pens, and scissors or any safe cutting tools for kids.

While doing their cards, provide supervision to avoid any unnecessary accidents that may occur during the activity. These fun learning project can be a good start for kids who haven't got any idea about recycling. You may also site some examples of recycled materials that are now known and are being produce globally, to encourage them that recycling doesn't only end from creating useful materials. Like those eco friendly toner cartridges that are now being produce globally and has become an option for wise buyers. Thanks to the person who got the idea of reusing printer cartridges, and developed remanufactured toner cartridges.



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