Aside from the reason that we are running out of landfill spaces, to throw and dump our wastes, we also need to practice recycling for several reasons. There's actually a few more spaces that we can use as waste streams or make landfill sites, but what will happen next if we used them all. Some were even thinking of using their free spaces to build landfill just for the revenues that a site can bring to them. Sooner or later the disposal capacity of our present landfills will become tighter until it reaches its limit, thus pushing us to find another area from where we can dump more wastes.

Recycling doesn't just conserve the materials and resources that we used in order to create new products and consumables, it also helps on saving areas, open fields and spaces from ending up as a dump site. But running a recycling program can be more serious that anyone would have thought. To get all the stuffs that needs to be recycle, of course they need to collect those materials, and how are they supposed to this other than deploy trucks that will get all the returned stuffs. Trucks burned fuel, fuel emits pollution, and pollution is a part of what recycling needs to solve. That's why some recycling programs and services are trying to improve their way of collecting returned materials, or at least make it less frequent. One way or another, they still need to collect those stuffs that needs to be recycle.

Before recycled consumables became popular, people are reprocessing used materials to re-manufacture goods, in order to  create a less expensive version based from the original ones. Now, recycling useful materials connotes to saving the environment. Still people can't help it, making money through recycling. There goes the saying, that there's money in the trash, and that's true. The term recycling, from a business minded man, sounds profit or making money. Given that there are several third party manufacturers popping nowadays, I wonder if by any chance, would it be possible that in the near future, recycled materials will be more dominant than the original ones. That may become possible, thanks to the exorbitant price of branded consumables from big companies.

It's either we became part of the recycling program, or choose to start a new program or service to promote recycling. But don't take it too easy, cause having a recycling plant is just an easy venture. Before, waste materials like plastic, bottles, paper, metals and all other stuffs, are sorted by hands. But now, machines are doing the job of sorting, about 3/4 of all the task are now done by those machines. Just like those recycling plants of printer manufacturing companies, who accept returned cartridges of their own brand, and reprocess to create eco friendly toner cartridges, which are more cost effective for the customers.

Manufacturers with large recycling plant across different countries, uses state of the art facilities to identify and differentiate the components of the material that will undergo recycling. But it totally pays off once the remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges are being patronized by their customers. Not just with printer supplies, since countless products nowadays are being recycled, which sound good, cause it only means that the percentage of saving the environment and all our natural resources increases. Sooner or later, we'll find more recycled consumables in the market than those branded- expensive materials.


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