Get rid of your paper waste through these simple ways, just make yourself accustomed to it and sooner or later you'll find a big difference in the amount of accumulated paper waste materials. Reducing or cutting down junks and trashes in your home is necessary, cause nobody wants a filthy or messy home to live. But it is also a certain responsibility to clean up and limit your waste in the office.

To practically minimize your waste problem specifically with paper-made materials, there are solutions which you often neglect, yet useful enough. Read the checklist below :

Paper jams can be a common scenario especially if you're not using the right media for each specific printing needs. If you won't change the loaded paper in the printer, then you surely won't get away of the problem. It'll only cause you a bunch of trash and trouble from your equipment. Determining the right type of printer paper will sometimes solve this issue, is it too thin or thick, try to make your own conclusion.

Draft and print test sheets, most of the time we print an initial page of our document to see if it's just perfect enough, while occasionally we run a series of test prints with the machine to check the quality of printout. Thus we accumulate additional paper waste, and instead of recycling those, most of the time they end up filling the trash bins. Have you ever tried shredding those test sheets to use for packaging and keeping fragile office materials? I can hear somebody saying "yeah why not", or "I haven't thought of that", well at least now you realize it.

Actually I could suggest this one at the top most of my list, but naturally people don't think of this solution as often as it should be. Recycling, or reusing, whatever you call it, is a solution that unfortunately employees and individuals oftentimes neglect. Why not take those paper waste at home and let your kids have a nifty project like a collage or a paper mache craft, come to think of it, that sounds like a cheerful family bonding. Plus, you can get their hands away from PSP, computers, tablets, mobile phones and the likes, which turn kids into a lazy ball.

Lastly, if your printer at the office supports duplex (double-sided) printing, then make use of it as much as possible. Printing on both sides of a page will greatly reduce the operating cost of the machine, hence you save money and reduce waste. Also to double your savings, opt for eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges with your printer to create greener and environmentally beneficial printouts.



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