Halloween merrymakers surely will enjoy or to some who already enjoyed it last night the holiday by lurking from streets to streets, surprising and freaking everyone down town with all their creepy costumes. Kids with their pails that won't go home without making it full with treats and goodies. But let's not forget that after having fun and ransacking all your neighbors houses for their sweets and delights to offer, we shouldn't forget to make our halloween celebration a green holiday. Commit ourselves to reduce the environmental impact of all our actions, and i hope everyone knows what I'm trying to say.

After all the celebrations, waste, garbage, junks, trash, scraps and filthy roads can be seen all around the town. It can't be avoided, besides we're all having fun, it's just possible to sometimes forget of all the worries we bear and have fun for ourselves. But to shake it off, the idea of reducing our environmental impact should never be taken for granted.

Traditional celebrations during each and every holiday will surely create mountains of waste and pollution, that's why there are organizations and educators that promote tips to reuse and recycles for all the holidays.

Be Unique - Create halloween decorations that are made from earth friendly materials, or you can upcycle and recycle a few materials from your storage rooms. You can also use natural decorations like carving pumpkins or dried stalks from tree branches. When printing halloween cards, use eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges to reduce your impact on the environment. You can also try making your own hand made/designed halloween post cards and tombstone cupcake toppers, but if you're too lazy or either running out of time then use remanufactured toner cartridges or ink cartridges when printing.

Be Creative - There are a lot of DIY-do it yourself stuffs suited for the halloween season. Like this Last Minute DIY Halloween Decors that will surely bring spooks to everyone. You can also make your own halloween costumes from your old pair of clothes and worn out stuffs. it could be also be a fun activity and a good family bonding.

Upcycle and Reuse - Going for a trick or treat down town? How about make it green and use reusable bags, or Upcycled Trick or Treat Pails that'll make you standout among the other kids. Plastic made jack o'lanterns should be long gone, always think eco-friendly ways and solutions.

Be Organize - After having fun don't you dare forget to think green. Try to influence the people that surrounds you. This holiday calls for a major clean up, it can also be a chance for everyone in the community to get along with other neighbors while cleaning the whole community. 


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