First, what are these recycled toner cartridges?
I think this question shouldn't be asked again and again, since the name of this product explains everything regarding this top question. But for those who are still asking, they are made from recycled components OEM cartridges returned by most consumers. Inspected, cleaned, refurbished and refilled with new inks or toners.

What are the processes involved in the recycling process?
Actually the processes may vary from one manufacturer to another. But generally speaking, and like I said, it involves testing of the returned components, thorough cleaning or refurbishing, damage part replacement, refilling of new inks or toners, and packaging. On top of all these processes, quality assurance is always the priority.

How would you rate their performance and productivity?
This one will take a long argumentation if we really go through all the details, so I'll try to limit it as necessary. Depending on where you bought the product, it can potentially affect the quality of the cartridges. Faulty cartridges is a problem that you may not only encounter with recycled cartridges, even OEM products can be faulty or damaged. Productivity-wise, there were customer feedback claiming that recycled toner cartridges and ink cartridges when compared to OEMs can be a well matched. So yes, they indeed perform equally with high-priced printer cartridges.

Does it also affect the environment much like the OEMs?
Yes, it affects ecologically but in a very positive sense, and no, because they don't do much harm as OEM consumables can negatively impact the environment. Through recycling, materials and resources are effectively conserved and reused, hence it supports sustainability. An OEM cartridge that thoroughly passed the quality standards of print industry, can be recycled three or more times, conserving million pounds of petroleum resources.

Will it void my printers warranty?
Absolutely no, especially those who are 100% US-made recycled cartridges. If you're worrying about the cartridge sensor installed in your printer, remanufacturers also replace the sensor chip embedded on each of their products, thus your won't get any problem with your printer not detecting the replacement cartridge. Not unless it is really a faulty cartridge, but again such problems may also happen with OEMs.

Does using such products will damage my printer?
Let me ask you this, haven't you experienced print failures, paper jams, and other common printer problems with your printer while using OEM cartridges? If yes, then more likely you'll get the same head-spinning problems when you switch for recycled cartridges, it's inevitable. Besides these recycled products are still made from OEM components, so you can still consider it good as new.


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