The Solar Decathlon Team visits Orange County, Sunny Southern California, where a new record for photovoltaic panels will be set as the U.S. Department of Energy prepares to host the 2013 Solar Decathlon. For a change and for the first time in history, the said event which was commonly held in Washington DC, will be held in the Orange County, CA.

About 20 Collegiate teams will be expected to build and designed their own Solar-Powered homes at the Orange County Great Park starting from October 3-13. Each team will be focusing on these following criteria : efficiency, consumer appeal and architectural excellence. In preparation for the said event, all the representatives visited the Orange County recently to take part in workshops and briefings that were prepared for the participating teams.

For this years Solar Decathlon event, all the participants will travel to Irvine, California to take part in a series of measured events. As an early preparation, each team spent two years on their projects to compete in ten contests. Their homes will be evaluated according to these aspects : affordability, market appeal, engineering, architecture, aesthetics and design inspiration.

In addition, the 20 participating teams will also take part in a weekend workshops which will be held in the Orange County Great Park to be led by the officials from the US Department of Energy and National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The finished structure will be available to the public from 11am - 7pm daily and that's free of charge.

All the succeeding entries or rather homes from the past competitions were located in different sites around the world primarily within the US. This event helps to reduce the environmental impacts by encouraging aspiring architectures and builders to commit on designing advance houses with improve and greener aspects. If you can't afford to convert your houses into something more environment friendly, then furnish it with eco-friendly materials and supplies, thus making your home a much better place to live. Also don't forget to reduce you waste and use recycled products like eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges, as well as your daily commodities.



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