Buying replacements for your laser printers can be a bit of a problem, especially if you’re that kind of user who doesn’t practically care about product information and such. Are you one of those who simply grab and drop, then pay whatever’s in your carts? Well it’s time you change that attitude and turn yourself into a wise consumer particularly when purchasing printer supplies.

All the big names in the industry follow certain standards when testing their products before sending them out to the market for the consumers. This determines whether a cartridge is capable of producing lower (standard-yield) or higher (high-yield) prints based on the results of the tests. We may not provide an exact range of how much a low or high-capacity toner can deliver but maybe you’ll have an idea if we try to give examples.

With the Brother TN420 and TN450 toner cartridges as our product examples, you can make your own assumptions of how many pages each yield type can possibly produce. The TN420 toner is our standard-yield model which can deliver up to 1,200 pages. Our high-yield example of course is the TN4500 toner with an estimated yield of 2,600 pages. Now with these data, we can at least say that those cartridges within lower ranges can give us below 1200 results, while those within higher ranges can give 2600 and above.

Now in the printing industry, there are new terms that mostly third-party manufacturers used to indicate in the specifications of their products. These include the extended-yield and extra-high-yield. But literally, any cartridge that exceeds the limit of standard-yield’s capacity is considered the same and fall under the high-yield category.

In general, you have to pay more for a product that contains more right? The same thing applies with high-yield cartridges since you can squeeze from prints from these supplies then you have to spend a little more money to buy them. It’s like you are purchasing two standard-yield but of course for a much considerable price.

With the environment in mind, it would be more ideal to use cartridges with high capacities. Why? Because, since we can use them longer then we don’t have to recycle them more often compared to the life cycle of those with lower capacities. Also, it reduces the need for collecting resources and materials to produce replacements, which is needless to explain. Hence, if you want to have a lower costs per page and save your hard-earned money as well, then it would be ideal to use high-yield Brother toners for your printer.



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