LED lights are indeed environment friendly, aside from the fact that they are now commonly used to replace fluorescent light bulbs in order to cut down one's electricity bill as well as reducing negative impacts on the environment. These tiny little pieces of nature caring light emitting diodes are not just use for energy conservation but also for everyone's amusement.

A starry starry night to imagine, a romantic glittering place to spend calmness and let yourself be amazed of the twinkling spectacle that LED lights can bring you. The Galleri ROM in Olso, Norway, hangs a hundred strings of floating LED lights that feature about 8,064 pieces of tiny luminous bulb gleaming inside the gallery. The exhibition was named Submergence, designed by Squidsoup, an international group of artists, researchers and designers (UK/NO/NZ) working with digital and interactive media experiences. The gallery will exhibit Submergence from January 17 till February 17, 2013.

Inside the gallery, while enjoying the spectacle, passing through the lights triggers a reaction that detects any presence from the surrounding area, creating an audiovisual display that can range from tranquil to hectic. While being encapsulated by these thousand points of light, each bulb pulsates and in a synchronous pattern the light intensity increases, altering the perspective view of the guest passing through it — which tends to confuse the guests and let them lose track of where they are heading inside the dark gallery.

As Inhabitat explained,
"The piece morphs from darkness to a myriad of colors, sometimes slowly, and sometimes at an energetic frequency, causing further spatial confusion. The light installation transforms from hazy rain-like violet to gauzy orange, alarming red, and other colors that evoke a feeling of calm or anxiety" 
Each transition is accompanied by a soundtrack that varies depending on the light pattern that is being display, from totally dark to brilliant colors, slowly then gradually changing to rapid variation of color with accompanying energetic soundtrack that sometimes determine the visitors mood.

Submergence was designed "to create a work that would evoke a virtual world through sound, light and space, controllable by each visitor." You see, these environment friendly little piece of technology doesn't end up with just a sole purpose, it can also be utilize to inspire and amuse people through art. There are thousands of innovative materials that can be transform into artwork pieces, it's just that no one haven't got the idea to do it. PrintGreen have already featured some designs that use printer cartridges, turning these eco-friendly toner cartridges into art exhibits and other inspiring art pieces.


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