Going green has no limit or no extent, small communities or big companies, they are all turning into a greener environment and practices. Several industries nowadays have already switched to a better environmental friendly manufacturing and services. Since there are several individuals and small organizations that started it all, why not those big names in the industry must not follow.

Supporting the voluntary agreement by the biggest printer manufacturers in the printing industry, the European Commission has accepted to GO GREEN in their industry. They favored the agreement to set a target on greatly reducing the EU industry's carbon footprint emission in terms of printing and copying. Promoting proper recycling of reusable devices and printer consumables such as ink and toner cartridges, as well as improving energy efficiency of such printing devices, ink, toner and paper usage/consumption.

The said major manufacturers complied to commit on promoting and bolster to encourage the utilization of "Duplex" (double-sided) printing as well as "N-up" (several pages per sheet) printing in order to cut down the use of paper materials.

The full list of printer manufacturers that will sign up with the voluntary agreement are as follows:

Brother                            Konica Minolta                    Okidata                    Toshiba
Canon                              Kyocera                              Panasonic                Xerox
Dell                                  Mita                                    Ricoh
Epson Europe                  Lexmark                             Samsung
Hewlett-Packard              Murata Machinery              Sharp

The Commission said:
        "The voluntary agreement has undergone a thorough impact assessment and we have concluded that it could be                 considered equivalent to binding regulations adopted under the EU’s 2009 Ecodesign Directive."

While William Dazy, the Chairman of EuroVAprint, said :
        “We welcome the Commission’s endorsement of our voluntary agreement in the context of the Ecodesign Directive,   
         We are looking forward to further cooperation with the EU institutions in this area.”

The listed big names in the printing industry that participated in the said agreement have set up the "EuroVAPrint Organization", this will check and evaluate each companies effort towards a greener industry. Thus, we may expect a great improvement in their operations and productions in terms of being environmentally conscious. We should give credit to those printer manufacturers that had been accepting printer cartridges recycling for such a long time even before this agreement came out. Eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges, as well as recycled printer paper materials will certainly help on reducing carbon footprint and negative impacts that the print industry have brought from the past years.


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