What's the special thing about recycling and remanufacturing? Whenever a consumer heard of products that are recycled and remanufactured their common annotation is that these products are of inferior quality. Less in all aspects, that's what they usually think with these materials that are recycled. They're not even concern or looking at the bigger picture that recycling can bring to everyone.

Significant savings, cost-effectiveness and cheaper, they're all related and are associated to remanufactured products. What do you get from purchasing these products, if you would ask this question to a number of consumers, almost 80 percent of them will say, they're inexpensive and economical. But try to ask them if they would try using recycled and remanufactured products, you wont be surprise with the result of the poll. The fact is, it depends on the manufacturer, third party scammer = fake substandard products, trust worthy manufacturer = superior quality products that can match with original products.

The need for man power means labor for unemployed. Since companies are starting to build plants for their recyling process therefore they also need laborers, thus creating jobs for the locals. Printer manufacturers like HP are developing plantations for the production of remanufactured toner cartridge and ink cartridges that are environment friendly.

The manufacturing process of creating a new cartridge requires an amount of petroleum. Remanufacturing cartridges conserves our natural resources such as aluminum, water, petroleum and other required minerals because it restrains the need for raw materials. Printer cartridges has a limit to which it can only be recycled for three times or more depending on the condition of the cartridge. Thus some of these eco-friendly toner cartridge and ink cartridges exceeds the certain limit of recycling and reach four to five times more.

Recycling printer cartridges helps on waste management. There are hundreds of garbages being dump on all our landfills, and if recycling a single material means a lot then what more if you recycle millions of used cartridges. Imagine the relief when you get rid of those mountainous heights of thrown away cartridges to our landfills, getting smaller and smaller until they're totally gone.

Can you see the bigger picture now? We should definitely encourage our fellow citizens to promote and practice recycling. From all the materials and consumables around the world only 30% are recycled and the remaining percentage can be seen on our landfills and incinerators. We have accomplish a small percentage of recycled material, what we need is another step to increase this number and have a more green living environment.



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