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Origami is a traditional form of art that originated from Japanese people where simple paper folding popularized and became an intricate paper folding and sculpting technique. From a simple sheet of paper, the goal is to come up with a figure by transforming a sheet through different folding patterns. But this post is not all about teaching you how to make origami designs, perhaps in time I'll make a post for one of my paper crafting and recycling projects. Although this one's still related to papers, recycled papers specifically, a 100% recyclable mono laser printer that was named as Origami.

We've been used to see printers with glossy and matte finished chassis, but we've never seen a printer from which its exterior is mainly made of recycled papers. Sounds too good to be true, but certainly it does work like any other normal laser printer. It's quite ironic to see a printer that aside from feeding paper materials, it finds stability and framework to what it mainly consumed.

Surprised as everyone else, I doubt if it's fully functional considering that printers have these buzz noises and shaky movements, could its framework stand it? But since it's too small as a compact printer, perhaps it isn't much of a big deal. The thing we should highlight about this printer are the positive impacts it could bring to the environment. Whilst I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be mass produced or will there any plan of doing such thing. The printer was designed by Min-Chul Kim, Sang-In Lee and Seung-Wook Jeong of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

Creating an exterior design that is mainly made out of recycled paper products is actually not a new idea, however applying it to such machine that requires a really sturdy housing, that's the unique part of the idea. It must be a tough work to design the framework without affecting the internal components of the machine. Basically you can described it as an engine that is placed inside an intricately folded cardboard box. Hence, that's why it was called Origami, since folding, cutting and sculpting techniques were applied in order to create the exterior. Origami printer won Gold Awards in both concept and prototype category at 2013 IDEA International Conference.

Now that's truly a winning piece for us green geeks. Imagine printing using the Origami printer, loaded with recycled paper sheets and equipped with eco-friendly toner cartridges. That's three times the environmental contribution anyone could offer in terms of printing. To know more about this wonderful printer, you may visit Samsung's Official Global Blog for more details.


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