Anyone who knows Hong Yi? Well, she's a mixed media artist, commonly known as "Red", she can use anything as her medium to create wonderful art works. Featuring her on our blog was truly an awesome treat for all my readers, so without further adieu here's her new masterpiece. It all started when Red accepted HP's challenge to her by using an HP printer, a single ink cartridge particularly the one that comes from Ink Advantage series, and a pack of A4 plain papers about 1500 sheets.

HP was so excited just like all the other people waiting for her creation, and after Red was finally done with her project, everyone was startled with the elegance and simplicity of an astonishing portrait entitled "The Soaring Bird". It was all made through scanning real feathers using the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2520HC printer equipped with a single ink cartridge, and printed the scanned images to almost 1500 paper sheets.

With all those thousands of printed pages, laying them out on the floor and playing with it just like a jigsaw puzzle, requires a lot of patience and of course talent. Using stuffs that we regularly use everyday, whether in the office or at home, who would have thought that with just a big creative idea, one could make an astounding work of art. Red's artistic view was truly amazing, I wish I could have the same talent and bright ideas just like her.

HP was so proud to say that Red doesn't encounter any paper jams or clogged print heads while doing all the process of scanning and printing those images. It's like she gave the device a new purpose, that it can't only be use just for printing our office files and documents, school projects, and many more. Honestly it was a noble idea and I commend her a lot for doing such a great job.

Now I'm wondering what to do with my printer later, maybe I'll start first with thinking what portrait should I make. I'm thinking if my printer is ready enough to face my challenge, guess I need to go downtown for some replacement cartridges. Though we are using remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges, I don't think it would matter, as it can match up with OEM products.

Got interested to Hong Yi? Visit her official website to see more of her wonderful jaw dropping works of art : redhongyi


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