It's practical to think before you do anything else. Unless you don't belong to that type of person, guess it would be better to consider changing some irregular habits. Same with printing practices, in order to cut down expenses a strategy can be considered a good plan to break some old records.

To minimize printing expenses due to high priced consumables such as ink cartridges and toner cartridges, plus the electricity a machine consumes during its operation, there are easy ways to consider. Printer consumables are resources that you can't avoid to buy for your machine, so instead of eliminating them which is actually not possible, find a way to shrink the need to frequently buy a new one.

Less consumption means less demand, right? Before you get to print anything, think if it's really important for you to have a hard copy of it. If yes, recheck the file for any errors or anything that might cause you to reprint it. Doing so will prevent wasting ink/toner consumables, paper materials and electricity.

Send it through email and not as a printed copy. As much as you can attached a file or image in an email, do so, instead of printing it then carrying or sending it to the receiver. If you can practice this, you can eliminate hassles and more of it, and noticed that you don't have to use your printer just to let someone have its own copy. Same thing applies on you, carrying bulky files and documents like office papers and reports, that's old school, try saving your files in a storage device then just view it using a PC, laptop or projector anytime you need.

If it's really required to have a hard copy then go have it printed, but make sure you wouldn't end up having piles of draft copies and test pages. Again think before you print. Ask yourself, are all these pages need to be printed, does it need to be in full color copy or just plain black, should you include the page numbers and footers or probably not? Those are just my examples, you can have a lot of questions to ask yourself before hitting the print button. Well of course there are instances that a file composes of several pages, and you have no choice but to print all of it, then a good suggestion is to consider using compatible cartridges. These replacement cartridges are not substandard, major printer manufacturers recycle their own products, so what's the reason you shouldn't opt for it? Using remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges, or often called recycled printer consumables, won't harm your printer. Take note that using an original cartridge from a branded manufacturer may result to print errors just as using compatibles.



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